Christmas Meal, Grimthorpe Terrace, Leeds (18/12/99)
Dave and LizKat and RichardMe, Jill and LouisaMe, Jill and LouisaGreg and LizBecks and SiBecks, Kat and SiBecks, Kat and SiLiz and DaveLiz, Becks, Kat, Si and I

House Christmas Meal, a Beefeater in Worplesdon (20/12/99)

James, Rob, Chris and TheresaJames, Rob, Theresa and ChrisJames, Rob, Theresa and ChrisJames, Rob, Me, Chris and TheresaStoke Road in the snow

Andy and Sue's house, Headingley, Leeds, (26/12/99)

Sue and AndyKathryn and IKathryn, Andy and I

Mum and Dad's house, Moortown, Leeds (27/12/99)

The Luxtons: Katy, Philippa, John and JaneMum, Kathryn, Me and Dad.